Jonathan Knuttel

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… May 27th - June 6th 2004

Jonathan Knuttel was born in Dublin in 1972. Although never engaged in any manner of formal artistic training, Jonathan's desire to paint and to study the history of art was evident from a very early age. He spent his most informative years in the company of his father, Peter and uncle, Graham Knuttel who were both heavily involved with the Lambert Puppet Theatre as well maintaining successful careers in printmaking, sculpture and painting.

Encouragement from his early mentors and, in later years, familiarity with the work of German Expressionist painters such as Otto Mueller, Franz Marc and Beckmann inspired him to focus on pure line, form and, most importantly, colour. His choice of subject matter emerged from his fascination with humanity - social interactions, the differences between the sexes and the humour found in so many daily situations.

Latterly, Jonathan's figurative oil paintings present a startling and somewhat garish prospect of today's hedonistic Ireland. Whether he is depicting gamblers at play, entertainers and performers, women adorning the arms of visibly affluent men, or sets of couples competing against one another - Jonathan manages to capture the human form at its most sentient during the most vulnerable moments of pleasure, contemplation, unease and determination.

From his personal observations and the many influences from which he draws inspiration, Jonathan clearly has a natural ability for exposing many decidedly unattractive human traits in a way that is both sobering and terrifyingly realistic.

Paintings in the exhibition